Volunteers examining a document at the Community Heritage Access Centre in Yeovil, SomersetDid you know that at the last count Somerset has over 1460 volunteers dedicating their time and skills for free in heritage sites alone?

Nearly 90% of heritage sites in the county are run entirely by, or are heavily supported by, volunteers. They give a massive 13,500 hours per month for free, which would cost £2.36 million a year*. Volunteering has a massive social benefit and economic impact in Somerset and is vital to the cultural and tourism industries.

Are you fascinated by Somerset’s history? Do you want to give something back to your community? If so…volunteer! Get involved with your local museum.

Types of volunteering

Volunteering in museums can involve a wide range of tasks, from front-of-house to conservation, running family events and doing publicity. Click on the links below to read some descriptions of what different roles would involve:

As a volunteer you would work with:

Skills Required

You don’t need to be an expert in history to become a volunteer! All you need is the enthusiasm and willingness to help your local museum.


Volunteering is all about you. Even one hour will help, so tell us how much time you can spare and we’ll find the perfect role to suit you.


Take a look at the Somerset Routes map; there are plenty of sites out there who need volunteers. Let us know what you’re interested in and we can find the perfect place to suit you!


If you interested in finding out more and potentially becoming a volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer Application Form and send it in. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible and help you find the perfect place for your time and skills.

* Figures taken from 2009 Volunteering in Somerset survey, conducted by Somerset Heritage and Libraries Service.

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