Submit Your Photos

Tyntesfield House, Somerset (c) Natalie WatsonNow that you’ve discovered the amazing range of heritage sites across the county, why not submit your photos of them to our website?

Each of the 120 sites on this website has a section to upload your own images onto their page for all to see using Flickr. Flickr is an image hosting website and online community which is free to join and use.

Simply upload your pictures onto Flickr and tag them with the site code which can be found on their page. Once saved, your images will be submitted to the website moderators before being proudly displayed online.

So whether you’re a keen amateur or professional, get snapping!

What you’ll need

Where to find the tag

  1. Click here for a full list of tags.
  2. Alternatively, find the page on this website for the site you have photos for e.g. The Museum of Somerset.
  3. Underneath their main image you’ll see a link called ‘See Media Gallery’. Click on this.
  4. Their tag will be listed here. It will follow the format somersetroutes followed by a number. In the case of The Museum of Somerset, their tag is somersetroutes77.

How to upload your photos

  1. Login to your Flickr account. If you new to Flickr, click here to take their tour and get started.
  2. Upload your photos as usual. Once uploaded you will be asked to provide a title, description and list any tags.
  3. Enter the tag for your site e.g. somersetroutes77.
  4. Save the images.
  5. The saved images will be submitted to the website moderators to make sure they are suitable to go online. Once they have been moderated they will appear on the website.
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