Donating Money and Services to Museums

Did you know that most museums in Somerset and North Somerset are charities or not-for-profit organisations?

Museums rely heavily on the generosity of the public and it's volunteers to carry out its work successfully. Donations of time, money and services all help to preserve and promote the county’s heritage.

If you’d like to support a local museum by donating money or services, why not contact them directly to find out more.

Donating Money

Totnes Elizabethan House Museum donations boxA donation can be a one off payment or a regular amount paid at intervals that you find convenient.

For many museums, particularly free entry museums, the majority of their income comes from their shop, events and donations into their donations box. On average the amount given in donations boxes is around 8p per visitor, a tiny fraction of the amount running a museum costs per visitor.

You can give money at any museum by finding a donations box, or by contacting the museum directly to ask how to donate.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer you can increase your gift to the museum by 28% simply by completing a Gift Aid Declaration. This means that for every £1 you donate, the museum can claim a further 28p from the government making your gift go even further.

Your donation: £100
Gift Aid from Government: £28
Total Value of your gift: £128


A legacy is a way of acknowledging the pleasure that a museum has given you and many other visitors. Naming a museum in your Will as a beneficiary is a great way to make a lasting difference.

You can leave money to a museum in your Will in a variety of ways:

If you are interested in pursuing this, contact the museum in question or discuss it with a solicitor.

Donating Services

Museums rely on the skills of their staff and volunteers. If you don’t have time to volunteer, but would like to provide support to the museum, why not consider donating a service?

Do you work for a printing company that could offer a reduced service for printing materials? Are you a part of a building firm who could help with repairs to the many historic buildings museums are located in? Are you a local café which could offer a discount after showing a valid museum ticket?

If so, or if you think you have another service which could benefit your local museum, get in touch with them now!

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