Collections and Time Periods

The museum sector in Somerset and North Somerset is varied. The county covers a large area of rural and post industrial environments, coastal, upland, agricultural and low lying landscapes, dotted with market towns, seaside resorts, ports and centres of industry.

The museums in the county reflect this diverse heritage: from the large, rich collections of the Somerset Heritage and Libraries Service, with its world class collections of archaeology and palaeontology, to the specialist Dunster Dolls Museum and Watchet Boat Museum.

Time Periods

                                                                                    This website allows you to search for sites to visit based on what time periods they represent using the find a site section. Below is a list of the estimated dates of each time period to help you with your search.

Dates Time Period Search Sites
  Geological Search
950,000 - 10,000 BC Palaeolithic Search
10,000 - 4000 BC Mesolithic Search
4000 - 2500 BC Neolithic Search
2500 - 800 BC Bronze Age Search
800 BC - 43 AD Iron Age Search
43 - 410 AD Roman Search
410 - 550 AD Dark Ages Search
550 - 1066 AD Anglo-Saxon Search
1066 - 1154 AD Norman Search
1154 - 1485 AD Medieval or Middle Ages Search
1485 - 1603 AD Tudor Search
1603 - 1714 AD Stuart Search
1714 - 1830 AD Georgian Search
1837 - 1901 AD Victorian Search
1901 - 1910 AD Edwardian Search
1900 - 1999 AD 20th century Search
Modern Contemporary Search


This website also allows you to search for sites to visit based on what type of collections they have. So if you're pursuing an interest or need to do research for your own project or homework, use the find a site facility to help find the right places to visit!

  Collection Search Sites
Agricultural Collections - Traditional plough Agricultural Search
Archaeology Collections - Frome Hoard Archaeology Search
Archictecture Collections - Muchelney Abbey Tonsured Monk carving Architecture Search
Archive Collections - Books at CHAC, Yeovil Archives Search
Art Collections - Sculpture by Ernst Blensdorf, Bruton Museum Art Search
Aviation Collections - Fleet Air Arm Museum Aviation Search
Ceramic Collections - North Devon Scraffito Ceramics Search
Costume Collections - Shoe Museum, Street Costume Search
Ecclesiastical Collections - Glastonbury Abbey Ecclesiastical Search
Geology Collections - Ammonite Geology Search
Industrial Collections - Westonzoyland Pumping Station Museum Industrial Search
Literary Collections - Samuel Taylor Coleridge's handritten manuscript of Khubla Khan Literary Search
Martime Collections - Yanky Jack Flatner at Watchet Boat Museum Maritime Search
Military Collections- Somerset Military Museum Military Search
Natural History Collections - Butterflies Natural History Search
Railway Collections - Somerset and Dorset Railway Trust Railway Search
Science Collections - Community Heritage Access Centre Science Search
Social History Collections - Saddlers Shop, Crewkerne Museum Social History Search
Transport Collections - Jaguar E-Type, Haynes Motor Museum Transport


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