Woven Windows

4th November 2017 - 25th January 2018 at Bruton Museum
Woven Windows

Chris Black

"Old carpets and textiles have a simple power; glowing colours on soft wool and mysterious designs. I have treasure hunted for early pieces for more than 40 years; these ones have stayed with me and it is a joy to show them in this lovely intimate museum. Most here come from the sheep grazing plains of Asia,where tribal and village women weave with their children beside them,using traditional designs than sometimes can be traced to much earlier textiles of the silk road. About 150 years ago the introduction cheap, harsh aniline dyes coupled with Imperial and commercial pressures led to a rapid decline. Whilst some handwoven works of high technical proficiency are still made, the 'soul' is gone. 'Woven windows' refers to how so often the pattern can be seen to continue on in all directions, infinitely, with the borders simply a window frame.

Dates and times

4th November 2017 - 25th January 2018, 11:00am to 1:00am


Bruton Museum

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