The Story of the Reformation

28th October 2017 at Glastonbury Abbey
The Story of the Reformation

Working with the University of Plymouth and Strode college we are staging a conference to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the revolution that changed the world.

Speakers to include:

Prof Michael Hicks (Winchester University) - Religion and Piety in Pre-Reformation England
Dr Sean McGlynn (Plymouth University at Strode College) - From Cathars to Lollards: Heresy and Inquisition Before the Reformation
Dr Elaine Fulton (University of Birmingham) - Luther and the European Reformation
Dr Tim Hopkinson-Ball (Glastonbury Antiquarian Society) - Glastonbury Abbey and the Dissolution of the Monasteries
Prof Sue Doran (University of Oxford) - The English Reformation
Dr Simon Johnson (Downside Abbey) - The Counter-Reformation
Andrew Pickering (Plymouth University at Strode College) - Luther and Witches in Reformation Europe
Dr Anthony Cross (University of Oxford) - Multiple Reformations: Dissent and Divergence in Protestant Europe

Dates and times

28th October 2017, 9:00am to 5:00pm


Glastonbury Town Hall

Booking information

Tickets for this event are available online from the Glastonbury Abbey website or alternatively, can be purchased from the abbey’s shop or ticket office during your next visit.


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